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Brad Pitt

Did leak scupper Brad Pitt’s plans for town blockbuster?

Thursday, August 18, 2011
9.09 AM

Rumours that World War Z filming scrapped after local media ran story

Film producers have denied claims Brad Pitt was forced to pull out of shooting his latest blockbuster in Tunbridge Wells after news of his arrival was leaked to the local media.

At the time it first emerged, many expressed fears that the advance publicity could scupper the heart-throb from shooting scenes for World War Z at the disused Morrisons supermarket site.

Rumours circulating this week suggested movie bosses pulled the plug on plans as a result of a councillor leaking the details. However, there were also a number of other organisations involved in the planning which could have caused things to go awry.

Filming was due to have taken place last month with the A-lister set to make an appearance in the town. But just weeks before he was set to appear, publicists for the film revealed shooting was been switched instead to Glasgow.

The blow cost the town potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds to its local economy.

One industry insider said: “Film crews get very jittery if too much advance information is revealed. They don’t want to be deluged with fans all day long – and it makes life difficult for the stars too.

“Normally we insist on details remaining very low key – the fact information was so widely publicised may have been its undoing.

“All I do know is that up until the point stories starting appearing, everything had been going smoothly.”

The Kent County Council Film Office, which promotes the county as a location for film crews, continue to insist it was more a scheduling issue. However, it had warned after news first leaked that anything which could disrupt the filming could deter studios from pushing ahead with plans.

Gabrielle Lindemann said: “We were informed the planned filming of WWZ in Tunbridge Wells will not now go ahead due to a re-schedule which means that the production cannot revisit this part of the UK.

“One of the producers called personally to thank everyone involved in making preparations and said that the support received had been excellent, and Kent would be considered for future projects.”

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council declined to comment.